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How Sara Solana Came To Be

As a mother of two young and active boys, I struggle daily - yes, I am human and yes, you are not alone - to look after the well beings of everyone, maintaining the home, be the best employee and still ensure that I do not miss out to take care of myself.

I struggled with my changing mom body; I struggled with keeping calm and cool when everything just seems to go wrong; I struggled to be Mom-of-the-Year; I struggled to just be it all.

Some days I can find the elusive 5-minutes to put on some light make up, most days I am just a powder + eyeliner kind of mom with all of 30 seconds just to look human. I wanted so hard to fit in especially when moms across social media look so sassy and all put together. Why can't I be like that too?

I wanted to bake sourdough loaves and have a beautiful organised pantry too. I wanted to take "instagram worthy" Outfit Of The Day photos too. I wanted to have a slim, svelte body figure even after birthing humans. Why is it soooo hard to look and feel normal? 

The Realisation

You know what? Those are just lofty images of life that everyone today wants - ok maybe not some - as these images creep slowly into their eyes, lives and mindsets. But we are not them - we are our own person.

What I have failed to realise is that I am the only one in control of my happiness, I control my own thoughts and body. I should not succumb to social media ideals and be true to myself. I should also not shortchange not only myself but other people too. If I don't feel confident in my own skin, I can't give my best to the people who matter the most. If I want to be like others, then what would that make me?

That was when I decided to own my time, my body and take charge to be happy with who I am today and in the future, without succumbing to the social norms of today's world and unrealistic beauty standards.


You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful. You don’t need make up all the time. It is OK to crumble. Most importantly, Be you. Be beautiful from within.

That is when all the butterflies will escape and emanate from your body and radiate happiness to everyone around you and in your homes. To achieve that, we need to change our mindsets and lead a healthier lifestyle, accept who we are but work towards being the greatest unicorn of our lives.

You are stronger than you think. We all know you are made of strong stuff (and cakes!). Don't beat yourself up for having cake. Enjoy it! No matter how or where you are, we want you to feel good.

Loving yourself is loving your body. Eat cake, and don’t forget your muscles too. Get fit in your own way, your own pace. Remember, baby steps is better than no steps; baby steps will one day make you run like the wind.

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