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Realistic Eating for Health and Happiness

When it comes to food, we often hear about diets, low-carb consumption, counting calories, watching the trans-fat/unsaturated/saturated fat intake, oh my and the list goes on and on... endless!

Come on, we want to be realistic here. Unless we are athletes or a body builder or a pageant competitor, it is a major struggle for most of us to count our calories on a day-to-day basis. Heck, even athletes struggle sometimes and whack that McDonald's burger occasionally too!

All over the Internet, you will find numerous articles sharing on how to eat or what to eat healthy. There is no lack of such information and I'm not going to regurgitate all of that today. 

Instead, I will be sharing JUST 3 not-so-secret advises/tips/tricks to have a healthy AND HAPPY body/self, without worrying about all those calories.

1) Cut your sugar
Let's face it, your body's metabolism will decrease as we age. We can no longer chow down sugar like we used to when we were younger and overzealous.

However, this does not mean you eradicate sugar completely from your diet. It just means, sis, you can't afford to have bubble tea every day or every two to three days. Limit your bubble tea intake to... once in every 8-10 days. I LOVE BUBBLE TEA SO I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON IT. (and I definitely don't want you to do so too!)

When entering the store, negotiate your intake/purchases:

Ask/Tell yourself this before you reach out for that sugar-laden snack:

The point is, discourage yourself from buying the one that you WANT but don't deprive yourself of it. Get just enough of what you need, or better still, wait for another day. If you can't curb that desire, minimise it. Do you need a large bubble tea? I'm quite sure you don't but if yes you do, then lessen the sugar. I know 25% is pushing it if you are used to buying 100% - so get 50%. 

Too difficult? Try the next one below.

2) Drink more water
Yes, water. Don't waste your calories (did I say calories? :/) on flavoured drinks, or sugar drinks or coffee or teas in your day. Reduce your intake in a day by setting yourself a boundary instead of simply eradicating these drinks. We tried, it's hard to just delete these drinks like how we delete spam.

Replace most of your daily intake of these non-water drinks with water. Thank yourself later.

Example: For every 1 cup of tea, you must drink 8 cups of water.
Example: I will only drink flavoured drinks on Sundays - max of 2 cups.

Psst. 8 cups of water is the recommended daily water intake.

Bring a water bottle everywhere, hide all the flavoured drinks at the back of the refrigerator and store more jugs of water at an easy reach / easy-see location.

I hope this is not the world to ask from yourself! Try the third one below.

3) Snack healthy!
Most of us love to snack. I caught you there didn't I? Well, we sometimes absentmindedly reach out for a snack before having lunch, after having lunch, after dinner.. bef... oh. That's me. Many have told me snacking is bad. You easily gain pounds with those snacks. Truthfully, I have experienced that myself.

But what if... just what if... we snack healthily instead? Instead of reaching out for a box of Pocky, how about nuts? Nuts are really healthy and it makes you full faster - and this is true: its so hard to chew, it tires your jaw, so you don't have so much of it. TADA! 

Well, to make your life easier, here are some healthy snack options:
- Nuts
- Apple slices (dip in peanut butter! Not Nutella ok...)
- Kale chips
- Baked chips
- Fruits
- Edamame
- Plain biscuits
...the list is long! Here is a list compiled by Snacknation which I hope will help you out!

Invite a friend to do this healthy snack challenge with you. It will always be fun with a friend - AND MUCH MUCH MUCH EASIER.

In conclusion

And there you have it! 3 not-so-difficult to do to be more realistic in our eating habits for health and happiness. These are 3 very simple to remember tips and to get the most out of it, you definitely have to exercise at least 15 minutes a day.

You can do this, sunshine!

And now that I'm done with this article, bubble tea sounds soooooooooo goooooood. OK, fine, I'll just have water.

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